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“You’re going to win or lose depending on whether you’re discoverable on Google or not,” according to Project MUSE Director Dean Smith, who says that “70-80 percent of MUSE’s traffic is driven by the search engine.”

Open Access Book Websites allow the Content of Your Books
to be Found on Google

Open Access Book Websites:

  • Open Access allows academic authors to reach a worldwide audience (full view or limited view)

  • This leads to increased readership, sales, and revenue opportunities

  • Links to,, and for sales of Books / eBooks / Chapter eBooks

  • Properly optimized (SEO*) Websites help authors reach this goal

  • Obtain first page Google results with well written SEO Websites

  • Share your knowledge with billions of potential readers


*SEO – Search Engine Optimization: An internet marketing strategy used by professional SEO developers designed to obtain first page rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing by adhering to their strict Webmaster algorithmic guidelines.

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Knowledge Search Database powered by IBM Watson

Our editors will use the cognitive computing power of IBM Watson to generate hundreds of Abstracts from the chapters on your Open Access Book Website. IBM Watson will then generate the appropriate questions for each abstract. 

The multiple questions generated by IBM Watson will be published on our website Knowledge Search with links to the relevant chapter on your Open Access Book Website, as well as links to purchase Chapters or Books.

The abstracts on our Knowledge Search website will be indexed and crawled by Google, and your book and its knowledge will appear in the Google Search Results.

American Data Processing

Publishing Books and Journals in Data Processing, Computers & Information Sciences since the 1960’s, we have participated in the dramatic changes in Digital Book Publishing.

Google Book Partners since 2002, we have access to the webinars and insights that affect the Google Search Results. We have over 5,000 books in print including original reference books, monographs and reprints of scholarly books.


As an experienced SEO* Web Developer, we apply the latest in SEO techniques to the Google algorithms with the assistance of IBM Watson.


Using IBM Watson with Cognitive computing, we are changing the dynamics of publishing by abstracting the content of your book and allowing it to be published in a central Knowledge Search Database.

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